Oracle and the JEDI Contract | Government

I was struck by the news that Oracle has filed a suit in federal court over the US$10 billion Pentagon JEDI contract to be awarded to a single vendor. Oracle claims that the single-vendor award is unfair and illegal, a claim it first filed with the GAO, or Government Accountability Office. The suit followed the […]


New Buyers, Shadow Channels Present Significant Challenges for Traditional Channel Partners

Posted by John Goode, Senior Director of Channel Marketing Changing buyer behaviors and requirements present some real challenges to traditional IT resellers. In fact, those challenges, which include a shift in the actual buyer and the knowledge necessary to sell to that buyer among others, are only going to become greater, according to Forrester Research. […]


Enterprise hits and misses – KFC and Pizza Hut cook the omni-channel, while we debate the enterprise user experience

In this holiday-streamlined, snow-bitten version of hits and misses, Jon dices the week’s biggest stories, shares best-of picks from the enterprise web, and, as always – your weekly whiffs. And yes – it’s another self-whiff as a typo generates guffaws at Jon’s expense. The post Enterprise hits and misses – KFC and Pizza Hut cook […]


Wix Launches 20-Product CRM Suite for SMBs | Marketing

Website building platform provider Wix on Tuesday launched Ascend, a CRM suite. Ascend consists of 20 products, including tools for site promotion, cross-channel customer interaction management, intuitive search engine optimization, content creation for social media channels, lead capture, and the ability to respond to queries automatically, along with a chat-centric interface that allows real-time interactions […]

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