Making It in Multichannel E-Commerce | E-Commerce

Contemporary e-commerce means selling through a variety of channels beyond traditional company-owned websites — including a plethora of social media, mobile and other platforms. Multichannel selling quickly has become the norm, and consumers increasingly expect to be able to shop wherever they happen to be in the digital world. “Today, retailers have countless options of […]


Platform Power | Trends | E-Commerce Times

For decades a database application was what we called an “app” that collected data and regurgitated it in preset formats on paper reports and screens. That’s becoming passé, but it once was a major advance because it gave a worker the necessary information to make decisions and take action. Today that’s rarely enough. Downward cost […]


Facebook Gives Privacy-Minded Users Some Control Over Activity Tracking | Privacy

Facebook on Tuesday announced the release of Off-Facebook Activity, a tool that will let members see which apps and websites supply information about their online activity, and clear that information from their Facebook accounts if they wish. It will roll out initially to members in Ireland, South Korea and Spain. Once members have cleared their […]


Taking the Leap With B2B Customer Experience Tech | Customer Experience

The business-to-consumer shopper experience has undergone a seismic shift in the past few years, thanks in large part to new technology. Improved personalization enables consumers faced with a vast field of purchase options to select the brand that best meets their needs and desires. Business-to-business buyers rarely enjoy the same rich buying experiences. While 90 […]


Avoid a Black Friday, Cyber Monday Disaster With Intelligent Testing | E-Commerce

Many online businesses rely on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to drive their profit margins. During this four-day period, retailers will see traffic on their site skyrocket. How can retailers make sure their sites are robust and won’t fail during this critical period? The answer lies in the application of intelligent testing. Black Friday traditionally […]


Faulty Driver Coding Exposes Microsoft Windows to Malware Risks | Enterprise Security

By Jack M. Germain Aug 15, 2019 9:31 AM PT Numerous driver design flaws by 20 different hardware vendors expose Microsoft Windows users to widespread security compromises that can cause persistent malware attacks. A report titled “Screwed Drivers,” which Eclypsium security researchers presented at DEF CON last weekend, urges Microsoft to support solutions to better […]

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