Contact Tracing With Salesforce | Analytics

One of my great CRM research interests has been investigating how things change, and that interest is not limited to CRM. There is similar evolution in fields that seem only remotely related — like climate change, which I’ve written about extensively. Generally, the change I find most interesting involves how disparate inventions seem to cluster […]


E-Commerce Optimization During a Crisis and Beyond | Marketing

In this uncertain and increasingly homebound era, customers are turning online for everything from groceries to cat food. It’s more important than ever to make sure that websites are optimized for the highest-possible customer engagement and conversion. E-commerce optimization is one game that companies struggling for market share in the midst of a pandemic must […]


Open COVID Pledge Makes Critical IP Freely Accessible for Pandemic Fight | Tech Law

Legal experts and leading scientists have teamed up with Creative Commons to create the Open COVID Pledge to help speed up the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. The Pledge gives broad permission to anyone to use intellectual property not otherwise accessible to the public, and generally replaces the need for any other license or royalty […]


A Patchwork of Useful Things | Trends

Adobe just announced what it calls the first digital economy index. It seems like it’s modeled after other indices usually kept by the federal government to measure economic output and consumption. The Adobe index captures only consumer consumption behavior though. Some of its insights include new shopping behavior, such as which products have become hot […]

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