How to Reinvent E-Commerce Personalization in 2019 | Marketing

You’d be hard pressed to find a tactic more capable of winning and losing customers than personalization. In the past, bad personalization has cost businesses three-quarters of a trillion dollars. In the future, Gartner claims smart personalization will enable businesses to boost their profits by up to 15 percent: Today, personalization is everywhere — in […]


EU Parliament’s OK of Online Copyright Rules Fuels Dissent | Tech Law

The European Parliament plenary on Tuesday adopted the “Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market” by a vote of 348-274 with 36 abstentions. Member states will have two years to adopt the directive’s rules under their national laws. The directive will require certain online platforms (such as Google News, YouTube, and Facebook) to establish […]


AI-Powered Inventory Management: A Make-or-Break Tool for Retailers | E-Commerce

Retail is facing battles on all fronts. Up against Amazon’s streamlined operations on one side, and a higher demand for flawless customer service and experience on the other, it’s either think or sink for many. However, AI has thrown some early adopters a lifeline. As Amazon has proven with its stranglehold on the retail industry, […]


Boosting E-Commerce Sales Through Storytelling | Marketing

Storytelling is a central part of e-commerce marketing, and it’s vital that brands both know their own stories and understand how to tell them. Everything from brand loyalty to purchasing decisions relies on a company having an engaging and well-told story. “Facts tell, but stories sell,” remarked Samantha Reynolds, president of Echo Storytelling Agency. “We […]


From Virtual to Value: Building Meaningful Experiences With Gamification | Marketing

Amid shifting consumer habits and the digitization of everything, the retail landscape has undergone significant transformations over the past decade, and it continues to evolve as quickly as ever. These transformations bring about a slew of challenges and opportunities for retailers to improve the overall shopping experience. With traditional retail strategies gradually losing their efficacy […]

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