What is SEO and Why Should You Care: Four Terms Restaurant Owners Should Know

Posted by Brady Thomason, NetSuite Solution Manager, Restaurant & Hospitality While acronyms like BOH, FOH and 86, are quite familiar to restaurant owners, there’s one acronym that is a household name in other industries but has restaurateurs still somewhat in the weeds: SEO. Search engine optimization, according to Whatis.com, is an area of website development […]

What’s Wrong With the Social Media Model | Social Media

The social media model has come under increased scrutiny following revelations of data misuse and news of executives reneging on some security commitments. People expecting to change the situation will need to address how social media works. This means changing not just the business model, which describes how a social media business makes money, but […]

Shoebacca at the Acumatica Summit – competing against Amazon means uniting the front office and warehouse

It wouldn’t be an Acumatica Summit without retail customer Shoebacca up to something new. But in a frank sit down after the keynote, I learned that the real action is the push to enhance back end visibility, improve returns, and apply bold new retail metrics. The post Shoebacca at the Acumatica Summit – competing against […]

Three Critical Retail Trends for 2019

Kelly Scott, NetSuite’s Industry Marketing Lead for the Product Verticals, recently sat down with Chris Benner, Senior Industry Principal of Retail to discuss the major trends and keys to success in the industry in 2019. Kelly Scott: What do you see as the top three areas that retail companies should be paying attention to in […]

Crypto Support in Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Fall Flat | Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S10, scheduled for launch on Feb. 20, likely will incorporate a cryptocurrency wallet. Samsung last month filed applications in the EU for trademarks on three terms: Blockchain Key Store Blockchain Key Box Blockchain Core Samsung also filed applications in Korea for the same three terms. Live images of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore […]

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