WiFi, Managed Services and the Home Network: Solving In-Home Connectivity | Trends

Home networks are a key building block for today’s connected home systems and products, and wireless is the dominant method of connectivity for a variety of smart home, computing and entertainment devices. As a result, loss of wireless connectivity can be disruptive to the user experience and seriously impair the value proposition of computing and […]

Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services to Develop a Digital Industrial Cloud Automotive Platform

Amazon Web Services will power the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud, automating all automobile manufacturing and logistics processes, creating an industrial digital production platform that empowers a worldwide industrial ecosystem integrating more than 30,000 facilities and 1,500 suppliers and partners throughout Volkswagen’s global supply chain. Source link

How to Reinvent E-Commerce Personalization in 2019 | Marketing

You’d be hard pressed to find a tactic more capable of winning and losing customers than personalization. In the past, bad personalization has cost businesses three-quarters of a trillion dollars. In the future, Gartner claims smart personalization will enable businesses to boost their profits by up to 15 percent: Today, personalization is everywhere — in […]

For Pre-revenue, Clinical Pharmaceutical Companies Growth Can Happen Fast, ERP Helps

Posted by John Goode, Senior Director of Channel Marketing In the decades James Neal spent in systems implementation and consulting for pharmaceuticals, he identified a gap at a critical point in the lifecycle of clinical, pre-revenue pharmaceutical companies. The move from stage 1 clinical trials to stages 2 and 3 happened fast—really, really fast—and followed […]

Is Your Contact Center Ruining Your CX? | Call Centers

A depressing number of people think that the be-all and end-all of CRM is the CRM application. While CRM software is a vital tool, CRM itself is really a discipline: It’s the cultivation of the customer relationship and the management of customer data to create better experiences for the customer and to generate better results […]

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