Turning Research Into Product | Customer Experience

Oracle just published some commissioned research that gives us insights into both CRM generally and the times we live in. A study of more than 1,100 people across several generations found the following: Almost half (43 percent) of consumers have blacklisted a brand as the result of a bad experience; more than one-third (34 percent) […]

Recipe for CX Success: Combine Context From Conversations With Speech Analytics | Customer Experience

The contact center uses familiar benchmarks to determine if a call, chat or email is successful or not. Call metrics such as net promoter score (NPS), handle time, and amount of silence are correlated with positive or negative outcomes. However, insights from speech analytics technology prove that these metrics only tell part of the story. […]

How to Compete With Big Retail by Optimizing Your Product Page | E-Commerce

Congratulations! You’ve succeeded in driving online traffic to your product page. So why aren’t customers actually clicking ‘Add to Cart’? Making successful e-commerce conversions, or transforming your website’s visitors into actual paying customers, isn’t an easy feat. Expertise on doing it well and accurately is key to your long-term growth. This is a critical area […]

McDonald's $300 million AI gambit is yielding results

McDonald’s $300 million AI gambit is yielding results Stuart Lauchlan Tue, 07/30/2019 – 03:46 Summary: Dynamic Yield is delivering for McDonald’s digital transformation. Back in March McDonald’s bought Israeli AI mar-tech firm Dynamic Yield for $300 million, its biggest acquisition in decades. The intent was to boost intelligent personalization initiatives for the fast food chain, […]

Training your dog with Blue-9 is a SuiteSuccess

Training your dog with Blue-9 is a SuiteSuccess Den Howlett Sun, 07/28/2019 – 23:07 Summary: Blue-9’s journey to NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess provides an interesting insight into the way fast-moving firms are taking advantage of modern cloud solutions to support growth. For those of us who are dog lovers, Blue-9’s story will be interesting, especially if, like […]

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