The High Stakes of Oracle’s Appeal | Tech Law

So now Oracle is appealing the Pentagon’s award to Amazon of its US$10 billion JEDI contract to provide cloud computing solutions. “The Court of Federal Claims opinion in the JEDI bid protest describes the JEDI procurement as unlawful, notwithstanding dismissal of the protest solely on the legal technicality of Oracle’s purported lack of standing,” said […]

The Top 5 Restaurant Theft Tactics & How to Counter Them

Posted by Brady Thomason, NetSuite Solution Manager, Restaurant & Hospitality It’s one thing to report lackluster restaurant sales because of a slow economy or missed marketing opportunities. It’s another entirely to realize the people you’ve hired to work for you have been skimming off the top and stealing from the register. Don’t think you have […]

Apple Says Sorry for Listening In on Siri Talks | Privacy

Apple on Wednesday said it has suspended audits of consumer interactions with Siri, and undertaken a review of practices and policies related to the voice assistant. Before suspending grading, the process involved reviewing a small sample of audio and computer-generated transcripts from Siri requests — less than 0.2 percent — to measure how well Siri […]

Can 'Clothing-as-a-Service' fashion a future for retail in a Subscription Economy?

Can ‘Clothing-as-a-Service’ fashion a future for retail in a Subscription Economy? Stuart Lauchlan Wed, 08/28/2019 – 05:14 Summary: It’s not just tuxedos and prom frocks that can now be rented as the Subscription Economy meets omni-channel retail. When looking at last week’s announcement of pilot schemes in selling second hand clothes at Macy’s and JC […]

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