The 5 Tools Every Email Marketer Needs to Succeed

Katelyn Merendino, AMO Marketing, Retail and Bronto Email has been around for a while, but it’s still king of the marketing world. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $44 in ROI. Today’s consumers expect relevant, personalized engagement from the businesses they choose to interact with. If you’re relying on “batch-and-blast messages,â€� you’re likely missing […]

3 Reasons to Shut Out the Noise and Create a Restaurant Brand

Posted by Brady Thomason, NetSuite Solution Manager, Restaurant & Hospitality Restaurants face an unprecedented level of complexity and competition to survive in today’s marketplace. Owners have always had to select the right location, provide excellent menu items and customer service, market themselves effectively and carefully manage operational costs – but that’s not all anymore. Consumer […]

Digital DIY – getting the prep work right has slowed down Home Depot's digital do-over, admits CEO

Digital DIY – getting the prep work right has slowed down Home Depot’s digital do-over, admits CEO Stuart Lauchlan Thu, 11/28/2019 – 03:51 Summary: Home Depot’s digital makeover never lacked ambition or scale, so some slippage to delivery is hardly surprising. In the US retail market, digital transformation progress in the home improvement sector has […]

Digital DIY – how Lowe's underestimated the complexity of its e-commerce challenge

Digital DIY – how Lowe’s underestimated the complexity of its e-commerce challenge Stuart Lauchlan Thu, 11/28/2019 – 03:58 Summary: Lowe’s e-commerce capabilities were well-behind most of the retail sector and that’s going to take time to fix, says CEO Marvin Ellison. In the first part of this article, US home improvement market leader Home Depot […]

Ad Agency Finance VP Reflects on Fourth Different NetSuite Implementation

Posted by Barney Beal, Content Director When it comes to implementing NetSuite, Stewart Ellner knows of what he speaks. That’s because Ellner, currently the vice president of finance for advertising agency Oxford Road, has put the system in at five different companies. Four years ago, while working at Veritone, another advertising technology company, Ellner got […]

Consider Service Mesh as a Security Tool | Enterprise Security

If you’re like most security pros, chances are pretty good that you’re starting to get frustrated with microservices a little bit, or maybe a lot. Microservice architectures — that is, architectures that leverage REST to build a number of small, distributed, modular components — are powerful from a software architect’s point of view. Want to […]

NetSuite Lets Global Surf Industries be ‘the Biggest Small Company’

Posted by Jason Toshack, GM ANZ, Oracle NetSuite Flexible working has become more popular across the globe – and for good reason. Flexible working can empower employees to manage their own time, achieve a better work/life balance and it contributes to an inclusive company culture. Technology plays a big role in enabling companies to roll […]

Kohl's CEO Michelle Gass hopes for an Amazon-ian boost to Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass hopes for an Amazon-ian boost to Black Friday/Cyber Monday Stuart Lauchlan Tue, 11/26/2019 – 03:42 Summary: Kohl’s heads into the Holiday season on the back of a nationwide roll-out of its Amazon returns tie-up. It’s an alliance that’s delivering new and younger footfall in-store, says CEO Michelle Gass. Every US retailer […]

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