Is Amazon OTT Advertising Right for Your Brand? | Online Advertising

Perhaps you’re a direct-to-consumer brand trying to build brand awareness and tell your story. Perhaps you’re looking to increase branded search volume across search engines like Amazon, Google, Bing and others. Maybe your brand is focused on new customer acquisition in your sales funnel and you have dedicated marketing resources and asset creation. Maybe your […]


How Today’s Trends Shape Tomorrow’s Restaurant

Posted by Kevin Lentz, NetSuite Product Manager, Restaurant & Hospitality Last year closed with restaurant sales hovering at just about $800 billion in the US, and even though year-over-year growth has slowed somewhat, the outlook remains positive. According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), restaurant sales are projected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2030. Such […]


The Really Big Salesforce-Vlocity Deal | Deals

Salesforce this week announced it would buy Vlocity — a startup with all the markings of a unicorn including a billion-dollar valuation — for US$1.33 billion. A lot of other news came out of the company too, including co-CEO Keith Block stepping down and another record revenue and earnings announcement, but I’ll focus here on […]


RSA, COVID-19 and Risk | Enterprise Security

As I write this, two things are happening simultaneously: The RSA Security Conference is in full swing and so is COVID-19 (coronavirus). It’s a strange juxtaposition. There is geographic proximity in that the conference is going on undeterred just a few blocks from where the mayor declared a state of emergency (during the event) due […]


4 Ways a Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) Provides Competitive Advantage

As e-commerce sales continue to increase, drop shipping becomes the norm and overall expectations around shipping make customer satisfaction more difficult to achieve, competitive advantage for companies that sell or distribute products ultimately comes down to a warehouse’s ability to deliver orders faster and more accurately than ever. Using spreadsheets and paper to track inventory […]


The Architectural Imperative for AI-Powered E-Commerce | E-Commerce

We’ve been promised, repeatedly, that artificial intelligence would revolutionize e-commerce. Think about it for a moment. Has it lived up to expectations for you? If not, the problem may lie not in the technology you’ve deployed on your site, but in the architecture and data that support it. Consider a few typical e-commerce scenarios that […]

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