3 Lessons Learned from BoxWorks 2018

Posted by Anthony Stames, Industry Marketing Lead – Software

Today, many cloud companies are racing to introduce the next big innovation in data management. At BoxWorks 2018, Box’s annual user conference, attendees were reminded why continued innovation is critical.

Box is an enterprise content management platform that makes it simpler for people to safely share files/ideas, collaborate and finish work faster. BoxWorks 2018 explored best practices in team collaboration and driving efficient work habits and strategies to keep data safe.

Oracle NetSuite attended the conference as a sponsor and user; here are our top three takeaways:

NOW is the Time to Digitize

By no means is this a new message, but some companies are still resistant to change and hesitant to embrace new technologies. Presentations at BoxWorks 2018 shed light on how companies of all sizes, across any industry can improve on manual processes by digitizing their businesses. Speakers emphasized the importance of leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce time and spend on manual processes, allowing more time for strategic initiatives.

Box Skills is Here – What You Should Know

One of the biggest pains that data storage companies face is their inability to aggregate data properly. Box recently had to re-evaluate its approach to managing its 30 billion files. To maintain that workload, and in the never-ending race to revolutionize the industry, Box announced its latest project, Box Skills.

Box Skills is an artificial intelligence toolkit that aims to aggregate multimedia data efficiently:

“The more content you have and the more you use the system, the harder it gets to use,” Box Chief Product Officer Jeetu Patel said, via TechCrunch. “It’s counterintuitive that this should keep progressing this way. The way to solve that problem, that scale, is through machine learning.”

Box Skills searches and pulls information from files held in Box. There are three main components you need to know about: image intelligence, video and audio. The company announced image intelligence in early 2018 but now we know a little bit more about its ability to automatically tag photos and construct metadata using the Google algorithm. The audio skill extracts data and catalogs a text script which makes searching audio quick and painless.

The most exciting feature of the kit is easily the video skill, that can transcribe an audio track within video files to recognize people and even topics. Box Skills has been around since late 2017, but it is obviously one of the key stakes in how the content management company plans to grow.

Box Now Integrates Directly into NetSuite

In late July of this year Box introduced a brand new integration with NetSuite which embeds the entire Box experience directly within NetSuite records through a native subtab. NetSuite users are now able to instantly access, share and collaborate on the content that is most relevant to a record without ever having to leave NetSuite. Box folders are directly linked with certain NetSuite records to ensure your teams are organized and have access to the content they need. This integration is ideal for customers managing very large files such as video and images. Please find more information on the Box integration here.

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