5 Reasons (Other Than Free Breakfast) Why NetSuite Customers Are Loving Meetups

Posted by Marissa Kinsley, NetSuite Product Marketing Analyst 

Recently, 35 NetSuite customers took time out of their morning to convene over coffee and breakfast in San Francisco for the NetSuite Customer Meetup. The feedback was extremely positive and 100% said they would come to a Meetup again! Here are the 5 reasons why:

Learning About the Hottest New Release Features

NetSuite is investing heavily into product development, meaning new releases can bring many new features. For example, the 19.1 release lead to ASC 842/IFRS 16 Lease Accounting Compliance as part of Fixed Asset Management. And with SuiteTax, any tax rules had a limited release within Global Financials. An overwhelming amount of product development is a good problem to have, and NetSuite experts are using Meetups as an opportunity to walk through some of the hottest new release features to help customers take full advantage of them sooner.

Tips & Tricks for Optimizing NetSuite

Many customers feel as though they are only scratching the surface of NetSuite. With the sheer number of SuiteApps alone, it’s hard to get a complete picture of the product’s full capabilities. These mini tips-and-tricks sessions are designed to show customers quick wins for using NetSuite more effectively. For instance, many of the customers in San Francisco didn’t know about the Sticky Note add on, or that it is a free SuiteApp.

Access to NetSuite Experts

How often are customers given the opportunity to be in the same room as NetSuite gurus? Hearing directly from an expert can help NetSuite customers learn what they don’t know and take their businesses to another level. From financials and commerce to analytics and warehouse management, NetSuite has an expert for that.

Meeting and Learning from Other NetSuite Customers

Talking to the person next to you might be the path to a business deal, a new business best practice, or an ah-ha moment in your use of NetSuite. Successful companies are not working in a silo; they are talking with and learning from their peers. NetSuite provides a natural community for companies to learn from one another.

Seeing What Else NetSuite Has to Offer

Meetups are the perfect opportunity to learn more about the breadth of NetSuite’s offerings. Each meetup has at least one presentation digging into the details of Bronto, SuitePeople, or NetSuite Planning & Budgeting – whether one of these solutions may be on the horizon, or you are just looking to hear what other companies are doing for the planning, HR, or email marketing, these presentations are an opportunity to learn more.

Convinced? Join us for our next Customer Meetup on June 27th from 8:30 am – 11:00 am in Oakland, California – register today to secure your spot, or keep an eye out for an invite to a Meetup near you.

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