Analytics Just Got Friendlier

Posted by Anand Misra, Principal Product Marketing Manager

NetSuite has long been a leader in embedded analytics. We enable our customers to drive actionable analysis, enforce business processes and gain meaningful insight into company performance.

NetSuite’s new SuiteAnalytics solution has a self-serve, personalized UI with easy-to-use search and reporting tools. Its customizable reporting capabilities look less like a spreadsheet and more like a friendly, familiar tool. It delivers information in real time at no added cost, eliminating the need for developers and IT to deal with separate reporting tools.

With the new SuiteAnalytics, non-technical users can get real-time insight without waiting for IT. The user interface is designed for business users with limited or no technical knowledge of database schemas. Query language can easily create complex queries, joins, pivot tables and charts through actions such as drag-and-drop editing. Other advancements for non-technical users include:

  • A brand-new, consumer-oriented user experience.
  • Improved ease: there’s drag-and-drop editing, filtering, and easy setup.
  • Rich visualizations, formatting, charting and layouts, delivering insights that are not only more accurate, but easier to understand across the organization.
  • Dynamic interaction with live data
  • Instant previews

The new SuiteAnalytics leverages a new unified metadata layer within NetSuite, allowing users to understand the business context of the data rather than traditional record views. For more technical users, the enhancements include:

  • Multi-level Business Entity joins
  • Ability to build queries on top of queries
  • Pivoting capabilities
  • A unified view of the entire solution
  • Significant performance improvements.

“I love the ability to pivot on data now,� said Rivka Lund, a beta user with Noon Home Inc. “This feature is amazing!!!“

According to Andreas Mantius of the Clover Group, “The power of NetSuite’s new SuiteAnalytics tool will allow us to evolve and advance our reports and metrics, providing us with more intelligence to drive key business decisions.� Existing NetSuite customers interested in signing up to beta test the latest enhancements to SuiteAnalytics should contact

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