Building Social Impact at SuiteWorld19

Posted by Morgan Carey, Nonprofit Industry Marketing Lead

NetSuite has been partnering with nonprofits and social enterprises around the globe to accelerate good through technology for over 10 years. In October, NetSuite announced ‘Social Impact, Accelerated’ – a renewed commitment and increased investment in the Social Impact program, built to bring NetSuite’s resources to even more nonprofits globally in the spirit of fostering further social change.

While nonprofits contribute the pivotal piece to this puzzle, true social change is dependent on the involvement of our broader community, including commercial organizations. Thus, NetSuite is excited to launch the first ever Social Impact track at SuiteWorld19!

The new track will feature 10 sessions, all developed to inspire attendees to create social change in their own organizations, both in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

*Note – if you aren’t already registered for Suiteworld, you can attend all sessions in the entire track for free when you use code CDHOME19 to purchase the Discover Pass. 

As a preview, here are a few of the sessions that you can expect to inspire you at the event:

The Future of Social Impact: Organizing Your Business to Do Good While Doing Well
Commercial businesses are increasingly organizing their resources and operations to make the world a better place. In this session, NetSuite customers who have structured as social enterprises, benefit corporations (B-Corporations) or corporate foundations will share how and why they chose this path and executed on their vision, and the impact it’s had on their operations. Attendees will leave with a game plan for how a company can mobilize passion, resources and strategy toward building a better world.

Impact Investing in the Nonprofit Community
Impact investing refers to the practice of making capital investments in companies, organizations and funds in order to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact along with a financial return. In the session, NetSuite customer TechSoup will detail how it is introducing a direct public offering (DPO) to provide impact investment opportunities to people of all economic backgrounds. The session will explore how nonprofits can structure, raise capital for and prove the viability of an Impact Investment fund. It will also explain how organizations and individuals can learn from traditional investors to ensure that their impact investments not only generate returns, but achieve social and environmental goals.

Harness the Inner Hackers in Your Organization for Social Good

What if companies devoted just one day to allowing their skilled employees to help nonprofits solve problems? Imagine a shipping company working with a food distribution organization to streamline operations, or an advertising agency helping a growing nonprofit build their fundraising strategy. This session will explain how NetSuite’s Buildathons and Hackathons match employees to nonprofits for a day spent addressing real challenges. Members of the Coca Cola Foundation Philippines will share their experiences with these events and the direct impact they’ve had on their work in the Philippines. Attendees will leave with a tangible format and approach for leveraging their employee base to create something similar.

This year’s conference will also feature our 6th annual Hackathon 4Good as part of our Pro Bono program. The annual event brings together over 100 developers, customers, partners and employees to develop innovative protypes for our Social Impact customers. This year teams will be working with MANA Nutrition and Art in Action to address their challenges, and compete to build the top solutions! 

How to Join a Nonprofit Board to Fuel Your Career and Passion 
You don’t need to serve on the board of a publicly traded company to reap the benefits that board service can offer your career. Serving on a nonprofit board can help build new skills, expand a network and drive your passion through social impact. This session will show how to match your interests with nonprofit organizations, and share personal service experiences. NetSuite Customer, Art in Action, will join NetSuite on stage to explain how you can become a valuable asset to any charity.

For a full list of sessions in the track, please visit the Social Impact session catalog.

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