Business Now Website to Inspire, Engage and Educate the NetSuite Community

Posted by Lorna Garey, Executive Editor, Brainyard

Not much is certain right now, but one thing we know for sure is that the NetSuite community of customers, experts and partners is rich in agile, inspiring, resilient leaders. They’re generous and candid in sharing the challenges their organizations are facing now, what adaptation looks like in their worlds and how they’re positioning their businesses to come out on the other side stronger. Maybe not quite the same, or even a little bit the same. But the content team at NetSuite has a front-row seat into how being part of a community, caring for customers and employees and forging smart partnerships is paying dividends.

We decided to pull all that collected wisdom into a hub that we’re calling Business Now. The idea is to crowdsource smart strategies, advice from our editors and industry experts and some pretty darn inspirational stories, package it all together, and make it easy for you to learn and commune virtually with your peers.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Best practices, financial advice and resources gathered from around NetSuite, including this blog, the Brainyard and Grow Wire. Need to craft crisis messaging, figure out how to access new funding sources or get your employees set up to WFH
without depleting cash reserves? We’ve got all that and more.

Practical, vertical-specific guidance for business leaders in retail, restaurants & hospitality, manufacturing and nonprofits. We started here because let’s face it, these organizations are facing extraordinary challenges that hit almost overnight. What I’d say to those leaders is, you’re not in this thing alone. We’ve collected important links and advice, all of it very relevant to your reality.

Inspiration and genius ideas. Really. Remember I said you’re not in this alone? Here’s where we’ve collected those inspiring stories of resilience. What do you do if you sell eyewear but can’t exactly have customers in your store trying on frames? Or you’re in the nonprofit sector providing no-interest loans and financial advice and suddenly demand increases tenfold? You get creative, that’s what.

Events roundup: These interviews, podcasts and webinars are a labor of love for our team. We’re getting practical, like asking top financial leaders what tools and techniques help them pull off a virtual close without breaking an (obvious) sweat. But we’re also looking to inspire. Meet some amazing young performers courtesy of School of Rock, work off some of the “quarantine 15” in a Yoga Sculpt class with Fithouse or learn from a sleep expert how your bedroom environment and nighttime routine might be keeping you from sleeping soundly.

Our goal with Business Now is to save you time by bringing resources into one hub, yes, but again, we believe that personal connections and peer support are more important than they’ve ever been in our lifetimes. It’s an extraordinary time. None of us will come through unchanged.

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