Canada Grows Here: How NetSuite Enables Continued Success for Canadian Businesses

Posted by Kendall Fisher, Executive Producer and Host of The NetSuite Podcast

With a highly educated workforce, skilled workers, and tax and business incentives from the government, Canada is one of the most appealing regions to start a company or expand a business internationally. Not to mention, as the United States tightens immigration and work visa requirements, Canada also has the advantage of being able to bring in more skilled foreign workers. In fact, Toronto has become the hottest tech hub in North America for that very reason.

That’s not to say that Canada doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. If you’re a Canadian business leader, you’re a first-hand witness to some of the frustrating obstacles around growing a company in the region—multiple languages to go  along with traditional challenges like the battle for talent in a tight labor market.

Needless to say, finding a business management solution tailored to the vast opportunities for growth as well as the unique set of challenges specific to the region can be a challenge in itself.

Oracle NetSuite is looking to change that.

On this episode of “The NetSuite Podcast,� Vice President of Sales, Aaron Mittler, discusses NetSuite’s “Canada Grows Here� initiative. It’s a focus on building more opportunities and creating greater success for Canadian companies by catering to their unique set of needs.

 Mittler dives into how NetSuite is tailored to breaking down barriers to growth in Canada by addressing some of the market-specific differences (language, currency, accounting standards and more) and enabling continued success for startups and expanding companies, and why this is such an important initiative, not only for Canadian companies but for companies all over the globe.

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