The Growing Gig Economy | Business

More than 56 million Americans freelanced last year, according to the Freelancers Union. With the increasing amount of workers turning to part-time, freelance, and contract work for a variety of reasons, a growing number of businesses are now based on the gig economy model. The E-Commerce Times spoke with several experts familiar with the ins […]


Made in China, Sold on Amazon: The Numbers are Skyrocketing | Trends

By Jack M. Germain Mar 30, 2021 5:00 AM PT One of the most successful direct-to-consumer shopping outlets for China-based vendors outside of China’s own Alibaba e-commerce platform is Amazon. This trend has been accelerating for years. China-based sellers represented 75 percent of new sellers on Amazon in January, according to a report by Marketplace […]


Modern Solutions for a New Era of Collaboration | Applications

Collaboration between employees, teams, and clients is more important than ever before, and there are a variety of new technologies and platforms available to facilitate communication and group work. The E-Commerce Times spoke with several experts in the field of collaboration software and technologies to get their take on the many ways that people are […]


Young Adults, Seniors Over 75 Most Susceptible to Cyber Fraud: Report | Cybersecurity

The most vulnerable cybercrime victims are young adults and adults over 75, according to the latest research revealed in the LexisNexis Risk Solutions biannual Cybercrime Report. Released Feb. 23, the report tracks global cybercrime activity from July 2020 through December 2020. The report reveals how unprecedented global change in 2020 created new opportunities for cybercriminals […]


The Role of Marketing Attribution in the New Age of E-Commerce | Marketing

When it comes to marketing strategies, there is nothing more important than analyzing and measuring the actual effectiveness, influence, and ROI of every campaign. Without these measurements in place, how can you improve? How will you know if your budget has been well-spent? What if there’s a channel that you’re overlooking? These are all questions […]

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