Influx of E-Com Sales? Now’s the Time for 2021 Tax Planning | E-Commerce

Consumer spending has shifted even more heavily from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce during the coronavirus pandemic. Many retailers are pivoting to e-commerce shops for the first time, and established online retailers are experiencing sizable growth. Businesses that are seeing the highest uptick are those selling “essentials” — including groceries, office supplies, health and beauty, housewares, home […]


Google Aims to Secure Voice Purchases Through Match Feature | E-Commerce

Google has undertaken a pilot program for Voice Match, a new voice confirmation feature for purchases made in Assistant, the company confirmed this week. “In the United States, a select number of users can now make purchases in certain apps and restaurants with Voice Match on Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and smart displays,” a Google […]


CRM’s K-Wave | Trends | E-Commerce Times

These are extraordinary times, in case you haven’t noticed. One of my contentions these days is that CRM is penetrating society to a point that it is taking on an outsized role, and I have called this the “CRMification” of society. In economics we often see a disruptive innovation climb a ladder as it becomes […]


Microsoft Reimagines Azure | Cloud Computing

Developers are the driver of innovation in the world we live in today, said Scott Guthrie, EVP of the Microsoft Cloud+AI Group, in his presentation during the virtual Build 2020 conference held Tuesday. New features in Azure aim to make development easier and faster, he added. “With Azure we built an end-to-end cloud that enables […]

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