B2C Response Rates at SMBs Crushing Enterprises | Customer Service

Customer service is more important today than ever before. A company’s ability to answer customer questions and resolve problems has become as essential as product, quality, and price. When customers are ignored, or given the impression they are unimportant by slow response times, the consequences of lost business and a damaged reputation can be irreversible. […]


Building Supply Chain Resilience During a Global Disruption | E-Commerce

As a result of the severe business disruptions brought about in recent months by the pandemic, many businesses have been reconsidering how to retool their supply chain to build in more resiliency. From digitizing the supply chain to developing more local and regional components, businesses are finding new and innovative ways to strengthen their capacity […]


The Trail to the Platform | Vendors

Some years ago, Marc Benioff told me he was not interested in developing back office apps that would compete with SAP and Oracle in the ERP and finance market. Many people, myself included, looked askance at that idea and wondered out loud how the company would continue to grow because, hey, there’s front office and […]


B2C Marketers Grapple With Personalization Tactics | Marketing

Marketers at B2C companies realize that personalization is key to business, but they are having problems implementing personalization strategies, according to a recent survey. Thirty-three percent of 202 B2C marketers Adweek Intelligence surveyed online in April, in association with IBM Watson Advertising, said that personalization is extremely important, and another 33 percent said it’s very […]

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