Collagen-Based Products and Smart Business Management Catapult Vital Proteins to Massive Growth

Posted by Kendall Fisher, Executive Producer and Host of The NetSuite Podcast

Founded in 2014 by Kurt Seidensticker, Vital Proteins is a health and beauty brand focused on sustainably-sourced collagen products as well as products that help promote the production of collagen. 

Why does this matter? Collagen is an essential nutrient for health, fitness and natural beauty. It’s beneficial for skin, hair, nails and joints. However, it’s often stripped from our diets by modern food processing. And that’s exactly the hole Seidensticker looked to fill. As an avid runner, he experienced joint pains and aches—that is, until his nephew suggested he look into collagen peptides. 

Seidensticker realized there was a need for a fitness product like this, so when he eventually went to market in 2014 with collagen peptide powder, it’s no surprise that health nuts, athletes, celebrities and influencers shouted from the rooftops about the brand. 

The numbers speak for themselves: In just five years, Vital Proteins reached $100 million in revenue and continues to grow rapidly.

Of course, this type of massive growth comes with some big growing pains that collagen just can’t fix. 

Vital Proteins’ Chief Technology Officer, Laura Seidensticker, joins this episode of “The NetSuite Podcastâ€� to explain some of the business management challenges the company faced early on. Vital Proteins worked off spreadsheets for the first few years—”hundreds of spreadsheets,â€� Laura said—which made it difficult to forecast, manage the supply chain, track financial information and keep up with the headcount it took to maintain the growing business. 

Thus, Laura, Kurt and the rest of the leadership team began looking into business management solutions that could meet the company’s needs and continue to scale with it. They ultimately decided to implement NetSuite, utilizing SuiteSuccess to get up and running quickly, more easily and more confidently. Since then, Vital Proteins has implemented customizable modules for advanced manufacturing and warehousing, enabling transparency, empowering employees and creating more efficiencies across the business.

Learn how Vital Proteins continues to grow since implementing NetSuite, and how one, unified system allows the company to focus on exciting projects in the future. Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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