How Duolingo Successfully Managed Complex International Growth and Doubled Revenue

Posted by Kendall Fisher, Executive Producer and Host of The NetSuite Podcast

Duolingo is the language-learning platform that’s currently teaching 91 courses across 30 distinct languages to more than 300 million users…all over the world. In fact, it’s the most downloaded education app on iOS and Android.

Since its launch in 2012, Duolingo has set out with one mission: To make language education accessible to everyone. And it’s most certainly on the right path according to those statistics above.

However, high growth comes with high pain points, and Duolingo is no exception to that rule.

On this episode of “The NetSuite Podcast,� we sat down with Senior Accounting Manager, Amanda Strader, who dives into some of the challenges Duolingo faced as it took on international expansion while simultaneously growing internal headcount.

Strader says the company needed a way to manage multiple currencies and subsidiaries while controlling access for various roles. As one of the few people on the accounting side, she also needed a way to manage revenue—which would double in just a few years—and automate processes as the company scaled from 10 people to 200 people across three different offices. 

Tune into this episode of “The NetSuite Podcast� to find out why Duolingo implemented NetSuite to overcome its challenges and how that decision has benefited the company as it continues to experience massive growth. Listen in on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud or YouTube.

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