How NetSuite is Investing in Social Impact More than Ever Before

Posted by Kendall Fisher, Executive Producer and Host of The NetSuite Podcast

Last week, NetSuite announced the very exciting news to expand its offerings for nonprofit and social enterprise organizations—a goal aimed to accelerate social impact globally.

To do so, the NetSuite Social Impact program is making new investments into its three core pillars: donating NetSuite enterprise software, providing pro bono services and building capacity in nonprofits.

NetSuite Senior Director of Social Impact, Peggy Duvette, and NetSuite Senior Director, David Geilhufe, sat down on this episode of the “NetSuite Podcast” to dive deeper into the news and how this kind of investment will benefit NetSuite’s current and prospective nonprofit customers.

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And to learn more about NetSuite’s accelerated social impact, click here.

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