How NetSuite Is Making Supply Chain Management Seamless, Efficient and Easier Than Ever

Posted by Kendall Fisher, Executive Producer and Host of The NetSuite Podcast

Product companies have always focused on excellence in supply chain management. However, with the acceleration of technology over the last several years, there’s an ever-increasing focus on optimizing supply chains. Not to mention, many companies are executing new strategies to keep up or get ahead of competitive forces, requiring enhanced supply chain management. 

So, what does this all mean?

Across businesses of all sizes and industries, improved supply chain management means improved production processes, which results in faster, more efficient shipping and delivery of products and therefore happier customers. 

In order to optimize the supply chain, companies need to look into the right supply chain management solution that fits their specific needs—needs that will continue to change with the ever-evolving world of technology. Not to mention, a supply chain never stops, and therefore, management solutions need to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provide real-time visibility in order to avoid issues or delays.

On this episode of “The NetSuite Podcast,� Vice President of Vertical Product Management, Paul Farrell, discusses how Oracle NetSuite is hyper-focused on addressing these concerns, pouring 3.8 million person-hours of development into the NetSuite solution over the last year and ensuring NetSuite’s 2019.2 release addresses customers’ supply chain needs. 

One of the biggest initiatives within the product is NetSuite’s supply chain control tower functionality, allowing planners to view every element of the supply chain in one place. The solution also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict supply chain issues and recommend solutions.

NetSuite ensures companies have the most differentiated tools on the marketplace, allowing them to optimize supply chains and compete in a world where time and quality are of the utmost importance.  

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