Inside NetSuite’s EMEA Expansion, and What it Means for Your Business

Posted by Kendall Fisher, Executive Producer and Host of The NetSuite Podcast

In 2016, NetSuite was localized in the U.K. Fast forward two years, and NetSuite is now localized in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany with growth expanding into Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Norway and Dubai.

This is huge for businesses across regions in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as they will have localized access to the product. But what does it mean for the NetSuite customer base as a whole—in the U.S. and other regions? And why is there such a heavy investment and accelerated focus on EMEA expansion right now?

On this episode of “The NetSuite Podcast,� Oracle NetSuite’s Vice President of EMEA, Nicky Tozer, answers all of these questions and more. She details NetSuite’s goals across EMEA and how they will impact both current and prospective customers. She even addresses concerns about how NetSuite’s rapid growth will affect relationships with longtime customers. Tozer also explains how NetSuite compares to competitors in the EMEA regions—providing the three key factors that set NetSuite apart—and what to look forward to from NetSuite in the future.

Finally, Tozer reveals her thoughts on what it means to be a female leader within Oracle NetSuite and the software industry as a whole, offering advice for anyone—both male and female—looking to grow in his or her career.

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