Jim McGeever Reveals the Top Barrier to Growth for Any Company of Any Size

Posted by Kendall Fisher, Executive Producer and Host of the NetSuite Podcast

As the EVP of Oracle’s NetSuite Global Business Unit, Jim McGeever knows a thing or two about running a company. But more than that, he’s an expert in continued growth—even with a business generating over $1 billion of revenue a year.

So what’s his advice when it comes to taking a company to the next level (or at least preparing to do so), no matter the size?

Hint: It starts with the leadership team.

In this episode of the NetSuite Podcast, Jim provides insight from the lessons he’s learned throughout his tenure as a leader at NetSuite. He breaks down the top barriers to growth for companies of all sizes—both in the emerging market and even those in the Fortune 100—and explains the reason larger companies are trying to act small. He even provides three rules every business leader should remember when shopping for ERP software—and we’re sure the third will surprise you.

Jim also dives into some of the exciting goals NetSuite has put in place this year, and how—even 20 years and one big acquisition later—NetSuite is still powered by the same mission of helping entrepreneurs succeed.

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