NetSuite and its Customer Join to Celebrate, Promote the 50th Annual Earth Day

Posted by Barney Beal, Content Director

Every April 22, students, politicians, community and business leaders, and environmentalists around the globe celebrate Earth Day as a time to diversify the environmental movement, educate communities and promote environmental action worldwide.

This year marks Earth Day’s 50th anniversary and, at a time when countries around the world face another common challenge, the importance of working together is more pressing than ever.

That’s why NetSuite is happy to help and celebrate so many of its environmentally-conscious customers as they continue their work supporting the cause. Here are some of the customers doing their part, not only this month with special Earth Day promotions, but every day with ongoing initiatives:

Nativas Organics, a manufacturer of ethically sourced, plant-based superfoods, is donating $5 of every order to Farmer’s Footprint during April to help that organization’s initiative of improving soil health, farmer autonomy and climate change.

Toad&Co., an environmentally and socially conscious clothing retailer, is teaming up with The Conservation Alliance and donating 10% of all purchases on Earth Day to the organization when customers use the code ALLIANCE. This is just one part of the company’s commitment. It is part of 1% for The Planet and donates 1% of dress sales to 1% FTP-approved nonprofits annually, it uses sustainable and recycled materials, partners with The Renewal Workshop to renew damaged, excess or returned Toad&Co clothing to minimize clothing in landfills and offers the option for reusable shipping packaging.

TenTree, a maker of clothing using sustainable products like hemp, cork and organic cotton, is planting 10 trees for every item purchased, part of an ongoing goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2030. The company has also recently launched Climate+, a lifestyle brand that offsets carbon emissions to go beyond carbon neutral and it is partnering with businesses to offset their footprint through tree planting.

Waiakea Springs, a bottler of Hawaiian volcanic water, continues to increase the availability of clean water by donating 1 week of clean water for every liter purchased by working with Pump Aid. Waiakea Springs Uses 100% RPET (recycled material) for its bottles, obtains water from a sustainable source at the base of a volcano and is one of the first beverages to be certified carbon neutral.

William Roam, which manufacturers hair and body care products for hotels around the world, is partnering with American Forests to plant one tree for every Sense Collection product sold. It is also planting one tree for every hotel room featuring the Sense Collection. All its products are vegan and cruelty-free, and its entire manufacturing process is green focused, including its membership in the EPA Green Power Partner program. All its boxes and paper goods are from 100% recycled materials.

United By Blue, a maker of responsibly sourced and ethically manufactured clothing, bags and tools removes 1 pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every product purchased. So far, it has removed more than 3 million pounds. Its products are made in GOT-certified factories from sustainably sourced materials.

The National Park Foundation has created multiple blog posts that give audiences opportunities to digitally enjoy parks during Earth Day/National Park including “Parks at Home,” “Take a Virtual Visit to a National Park” and “Park Activities You Can Do from the Comfort of Your Home.” These all include fun and educational resources such as virtual national parks tours, a Find Your Park quiz and a way for people to share their favorite pictures taken in parks.

The Rainforest Alliance is a nonprofit building an alliance to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promote their human rights, and help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. It works to conserve forests globally, working with indigenous forest communities, governments, civil society organizations, and companies committed to responsible sourcing. It is currently raising emergency funds for its Guardians of the Forest program.

Join NetSuite in supporting these organizations in their environmental efforts and join the conversation around Earth Day on the NetSuite social channels LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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