NetSuite EVP Jim McGeever Shares Secrets on Managing Growth

Posted by Barney Beal, Content Director

NetSuite customers are growing faster on average than their peers. But how are they managing that growth and dealing with the challenges that growth brings, from new hires, to building out new business processes?

Jim McGeever, executive vice president of Oracle NetSuite, sat down with Michael Krigsman of CXO Talk during the recent SuiteWorld18 conference to discuss some of the lessons on growth he’s learned both from NetSuite’s customers and NetSuite’s own growth. Employee number 15 and the former CFO, COO and President of NetSuite, McGeever has a deep understanding of NetSuite’s growth from a start up to public company to Oracle’s acquisition across a variety of perspectives.

Watch the CXO Talk interview with McGeever below and see Krigsman’s interview with Bart Thielen, CFO and COO of Blue Microphones, on how he managed growth.

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