NetSuite Helps St. HOPE Give Teachers a Raise

Posted by Kendall Fisher, Executive Producer and Host of The NetSuite Podcast

There’s no doubt about it: Teachers can be the most influential people in our lives, and that’s exactly why St. HOPE set out to make a difference and support them in return.

Founded in 1989 by former NBA all-star Kevin Johnson, St. HOPE is a nonprofit community and education development corporation out of the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento.

On this episode of the NetSuite Podcast, we sat down with the organization’s CFO Julian Love, who revealed some of the challenges St. HOPE faced when he joined the team in 2016.

“St. HOPE public schools had struggled with their finance operations for three to four years,” he explained. “So, I came on to right the ship and rebuild the finance organization.”

Love explained how the organization had multiple teams, accountants and contractors working on separate systems, which led to fragmented operations. In order to change this, Love knew he needed to find a cloud-based ERP technology that could run all of their financials under one, unified system.

He eventually decided to implement NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Nonprofit to run St. HOPE’s financial and payroll, and in April of this year, the organization took its growth a step further by implementing NetSuite SuitePeople to assist with human resources.

Now, not only is St. HOPE running more efficiently with all of their financials under one team, they’re also making a bigger difference.

Earlier this year, St. HOPE was able to grant its teachers a raise.

“It’s super important. It’s so meaningful what they do,” Love said. “And part of that [raise] was the savings we got through the transition with NetSuite.”

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