NetSuite OpenAir 2020 Release 1 Reimagines the User Experience and Improves Productivity for a Remote Workforce

Posted by Adam Mayo, Master Industry Principal, Services

The services industry is huge, and the success of services businesses hinges partly on making their resources as productive as possible. Doing so requires applications that can run and automate their operations.

“For anyone who wants to know how money is made in a labor-based business, you need to look no further than at workforce productivity,” the latest Professional Services Maturity Benchmark from SPI Research states. “This means professional service organizations are reducing the time and annoyance of administrative tasks like entering time and business expenses or writing and continually updating project status reports.”

Services firms are looking for tools that are easy to use in an increasingly remote and mobile world. They need visibility into projects and resources, and they need easy access in order to make updates on the fly. It’s critical to remove burdensome, non-productivity-related tasks from billable resources so they can do what they do best: deliver high quality services to customers.

With NetSuite OpenAir 2020 Release 1, services organizations can easily provide key information to the delivery team anywhere, anytime with an intuitive user interface and a redesigned mobile app for entering and approving timesheets with ease.

Mobile: Redefine the Way You Work with Timesheets 

OpenAir Mobile 3.0* redefines the way you work with timesheets with an intuitive new design that lets you add, update and approve time entries on your iPhone or Android mobile device. With it, users can:

–View time entries at a a glance in list views and timesheets.

–Group all time entries associated with a specific project or task under the same time card with badges under the task name indicating additional information such as service or job code.

–Add or edit multiple time entries in one go using the bulk edit functionality and a simple time picker.

–Optimize layouts for higher screen resolutions and improved data synchronization with your OpenAir account.

*OpenAir Mobile 3.0 is scheduled to be released in the upcoming months

Platform: New API Support and Solution Page

With the industry standard OAuth2 framework, customers can authorize access to OpenAir data and eliminate the need for third-party integration solutions to store user login details outside of OpenAir. The new framework lets customers:

–Register up to 20 integration solutions with OpenAir in the Admistration module with the ability to enable or disable registered applications at any time.

–Use the OAuth2 authorization code flow for authenticating access to the XML API and SOAP API, allowing registered solutions to use a public client ID and a securely-stored client secret to access OpenAir data.

Additonally, a new Platform Solution page in the OpenAir Help Center lets customers learn about real world use cases and download sample scripts. The Platform Solution page lists all real world use case examples described in the OpenAir User Script Guide. Just download the solution XML file to your computer, then import the file from the Scripting Center in OpenAir.

NetSuite Connector: Enhanced Performance

NetSuite OpenAir 2020 Release 1 also includes performance enhancements that allow customers to get data integrated faster. The latest performance enhancements include:

–Multi-threading the main integration creates increased throughput by enabling greater concurrency.

–Batch export of revenue recognition transaction to reduce transfer time.

–The ability to import only new and updated hierarchies to speed up any integration workflow importing hierarchies from NetSuite.

Business Intelligence Connector: Extended List View Coverage

NetSuite OpenAir 2020 Release 1 has extended the data that Business Intellignece (BI) tools can access through the OpenAir BI Connector. The extended coverage includes the main list views from expenses, invoices, projects, purchases, resources, timesheets and workspaces applications. A new screen in OData Limits Adminstration lets users see the maximum number of requests allowed for an account and the remaining number of request in a given 24-hour window.

User Experience: Redesigned List Views

In this release, NetSuite brings usability and performance enhancements to the redsigned list views, including:

–Column widths calculated for optimum fit between column content and canvas space.

–Performance optimizations for long column filter dropdown list.

–Long list views rendered progressively to ease the demands on your broswer and load faster.

–Redesigned download panel, and much more.

These are just a few of the highlights in OpenAir 2020 Release 1. For more information on the full list of features and how to use them, be sure to check out the 20.1 training article.

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