SuiteWorld19 to Offer Dedicated Track to Promote Women in Leadership

Posted by Emily Houghton, Industry Marketing Lead

The results are in: women bring growth and positive change to organizations across all industries and sizes. For many companies and their leaders, this isn’t groundbreaking news. For others, however, it challenges corporate cultures, hiring practices and even hidden bias within entire industries.

Increasing rates of female education and labor force participation leave many of us questioning why women held less than a quarter of senior roles globally in 2018. Why are women often overlooked or held back? Is it a lack of the appropriate network? Lower access to funding? Less confidence in negotiation or self-promotion? Or simply a gender bias that is too deeply rooted to combat?

Many women and men work tirelessly to overcome the economic and social factors that have contributed to the leadership gap.

For example, Deborah Perry Piscione, CEO and creator of Alley to the Valley (A2V), has empowered women everywhere by creating what she calls the proverbial female golf course– a national deal-making community of more than 10,000 accomplished women (investors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and service providers). A2V members come to the table with an ask and an offer (what it is that they need to get to next level and how they are willing to help others), and fast tracks business for each other.

Another force in promoting deal-making for women, Patricia Lizarraga, Managing Partner at Hypatia Capital, is passionate about ensuring that women are well represented in the C-Suite at America’s largest companies. Her firm’s mandate is to sponsor female CEOs in both growth equity and buyout transactions. She encourages the community to do the same through their digital platform, Hypatia Invests. Her ultimate goal is to see a world where 50 percent of CEOs are women.

Similarly, Pam Yanchik Connealy, CFO & COO of Kiva, works to ensure that women (and other financially excluded groups) around the world have equal access to financial services that help alleviate poverty. Through Kiva’s online global marketplace platform for crowd-funded micro-loans, lenders can help women start businesses, go to school, lead their communities and build strong families.

These women, along with many other inspiring individuals with unique and diverse perspectives, will participate in the first ever Women in Leadership track at SuiteWorld19, sponsored by Deloitte Digital.

Building on the overwhelming success and support of last year’s lunch event on the topic, this year’s conference will have dedicated sessions that allow attendees to workshop negotiation tactics with The Second City, challenge inherent bias with diversity experts, and understand the impact of empowering women financially, both at home and abroad. Attendees will leave sessions with tangible takeaways on how to bridge the leadership gap, promote inclusion within an organization, further their personal career development and build up the women around them.

For more details, check out the SuiteWorld session catalog under the “Women in Leadership� audience filter. All sessions will be available to Discover Pass holders. Get your free Discover Pass with code CDDEM19. 

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