Zeta Global Hops to the Cloud to Scale its Business

Posted by Macy Moore, Marketing Campaign Specialist

Zeta Global has come a long way since its beginnings in 2007. Listed in Forbes’ Top 50 Most Promising Private Companies, the N.Y.-based marketing technology firm is dedicated to retaining and growing customer relationships for today’s leading brands by using proprietary data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

“Zeta Global is seen as an emerging growth company,” said Sarah Alper, vice president of FP&A and Finance Transformation. “We have seen about 15 to 20 percent growth, and in the past year alone, we have done four acquisitions, so it’s a very exciting time to be a part of the company.”

When Alper joined Zeta Global in 2017, she said that while the acquisitions had already been completed, the employees, technology and processes had yet to go through a true integration. As a finance department, she said they were “fragmented and decentralized,” which prevented them from assuming the role as a strategic partner to the business units and functions.

“We couldn’t do any real-time reporting,” she said. “Most of it was done offline in manual spreadsheets which took a lot more time than it needed to. We were in a legacy ERP system that had been deployed eight years prior, and the way it was set up was not going to work for the current state of the company.”

Unable to scale within their inflexible legacy Microsoft environment, Alper and her team decided it was time to re-evaluate their processes, priorities and needs where an ERP system was concerned.

“The cloud vs. on-premise solution was a no-brainer for us,” Alper said. “We were looking to move away from the support and maintenance model of the past ERP implementation. We wanted to have limited in-house resource needs to keep the new ERP system up and running, and we also wanted to take advantage of the upgrades that many cloud-based providers deploy multiple times a year.”

To hear more on how Zeta Global evaluated various ERP solutions, view the recent webinar “Scale Your Business with NetSuite’s True Cloud Solution.” During the webinar, Alper discusses the evaluation process, why the company chose NetSuite over Microsoft and Workday, how the implementation went, and the benefits they’ve seen since deploying NetSuite.

Watch the webinar replay to learn why people are choosing NetSuite over Workday.

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